I cannot recommend it highly enough and think every pregnant woman should be using Aniball." - Angileta, Mum & Midwife

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Customer Reviews

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Caroline Hawkins

Aniball was a brilliant device that not only prepared me mentally and physically in advance of labour, but also in labour itself. The sensation in the pushing stage when the midwives ask you to control pushing and holding to help manage tears felt very similar to the sensation when using the aniball. I remember being in labour and having that conscious thought. Would highly recommend for that reason alone. I did have an episiotomy as I had a forceps delivery, but I didn’t tear anywhere else - not sure if that’s a result of aniball or the incision but either way I felt empowered with knowledge ahead of labour.

Dilyana Milenkova
Saved my life during child birth!

I was sceptical about purchasing this, mainly because of the cost. It saved me in child birth! I gave birth to a 4.25kg baby vaginally in 10 minutes, the pushing was just 10 minutes the midwives could not believe it and could not stop saying how facinated it was to have seen, the student midwife in the room said it was one of the most beautiful child births she has seen. I only had 3 minor external 1st degree tears and 2 out of the 3 the midwife said I didnt need stitiching. I gave birth to a big baby and it could have.scarred me physically and mentally had i torn and not prepared using the Aniball. It takes persistence and care, take it slowly and trust me you will look back and agree its the best device ever. I got to 28cm before I gave birth and our baby's head was 38cm. Buy this product if you plan to have a vaginal birth!

Susan O'Kane

My baby's birth went quicker than expected and there was no time for an epidural which I desperately wanted. However, I had practised with the Aniball from 37 weeks to 41 weeks and even though my body was pumped with adrenaline that familiar feeling of pushing out the aniball really calmed me during labour as I knew what to do. My midwife was also amazed that I only had 2 stitches as my baby was born with her arm raised and pulled out by the midwife. I would highly recommend.

Imogen Jackson-Mayow

Didn't do it for me.

10lb 5 baby, no tears

Loved aniball and cannot recommend it enough. Also recommended it to my little sister, she's sure aniball is the only thing that stopped her needing an unscheduled c-section.