Natural Birth Without Tearing and Episiotomy

Natural Birth Without Tearing and Episiotomy

Aniball greatly reduces the risk of birth injury and incontinence. It shortens your birth and helps you avoid medical intervention.


Greatly reduce the risk of tearing or episiotomy and minimize pain.


Shorten the second stage of labour and learn correct birthing positions.


Speed up your recovery and prevent incontinence after birth.

Aniball is trusted by over 100,000 happy mums around the world.

What is Aniball?

What is Aniball?

Aniball is an approved exercise aid for home use. It was designed by medical experts to help you with a smooth and natural birth.

According to the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, 90% of women experience tearing during birth. First time mums are at risk of severe perineal tears.

Statistics show 68% - 81% of women using Aniball had no tearing at all. An independent study confirmed Aniball is the best birth injury prevention.


I cannot thank you enough! First time mum using Aniball and I had no stitches, had the shortest second stage possible and to top it all off my baby came out direct OP. So really should have needed some degree of stitching or intervention to help her out and thanks to Aniball I needed nothing all! I cannot recommend it highly enough and think every woman should be using Aniball. Thank you so much. - Angileta, UK

How Does Aniball Work?

Your pelvic muscles and confidence are the most important factors for a smooth and injury-free labour.

Aniball's power lies in training pelvic muscles by using unique balloon. You practice the alternating tension and relaxation of the perineum - exactly as during your birth.

It prepares your body and mind for the labour. By training, you greatly reduce the risk of injury and shorten your second stage of labour.

You also learn correct birth position and prepare your birth canal for the passage of the baby. Ultimately, you get more confident and approach the birth without fear.

Aniball can't stretch you permanently nor cause premature birth.

Aniball is recommended by doctors and midwives across Europe.
Aniball is safe to use, and created with medical grade silicone manufactured in Germany.

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Helps you to prevent tearing
Helps you to avoid episiotomy
Helps you to avoid incontinence
Shortens second stage of labour
Recommended by doctors
Used by 100,000+ happy mums

What's in the package?
Aniball Exercise Aid
Discreet & Stylish Travel Bag
Diary, Pencil & Measurement Tape
Manual & Exercise Guide

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