Experience Natural Birth Without Tearing, Interventions & Fear

Aniball is a best-selling pelvic floor trainer. It greatly reduces the risk of tearing or episiotomy, shortens your labour and speeds up your recovery.


Exercise 15-30 min a day to greatly reduce the risk of tearing or episiotomy.


Shorten the second stage of labour and prevent medical intervention.


Speed up your recovery and prevent incontinence after pregnancy.

Why Aniball?

Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists says 90% of women experience tearing during childbirth. First time mums are at risk of severe perineal tears. Aniball is designed to prevent these injuries and help you with a smooth and natural birth.

Aniball Balloon

Up to 81% of Mums using Aniball
had no tearing at all

97% of Women Said Aniball
helped them physically and mentally

Aniball is Recommended
by doctors and midwifes

Aniball is Safe to Use
and contains no harmful chemicals

What is Aniball?

Read principles, statistics and clinical study.

How to Use Aniball?

Watch video and learn how to exercise.

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