I cannot recommend it highly enough and think every pregnant woman should be using Aniball." - Angileta, Mum & Midwife


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Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews
Katie Baldwin
Sceptical but is really good!

I thought this would be just another 'recommended' item for mothers to waste money on, but I was wrong! This is amazing, exercises are simple and prepare you well for childbirth. The focus on control and breathing has helped me feel much calmer and more confident in my ability to give birth


not sure what to say as it is quite weird to write this review 🙃 that being said, this product is fantastic! my labour was quick and smooth, with no stitches whatsoever. i knew what to do, how to breathe, etc. i understand that many factors are going into this, and one can still end up with various degrees of tears. still, the ability to practice, learn the process, feelings, sensations, breathing, etc. - is alone worth it and does miracles to your mind and boosts your confidence.

Kiran Gajjar
I would highly recommend this product to everyone

I cannot stress how amazing this worked for me. I was little sceptical but started using this product at 36 weeks for 15-20mins a day and had the easiest labour ever. The labour lasted 3 hours and the breathing techniques and being calm helped as I knew the exercises I was doing in preparation for labour would reduce tearing.

Happily I had no tears/rips- not one. I was able to recover very quickly and easily the days after.

Janelle Verity

Aniball is one of my top recommendations for pregnancy. With 2 weeks of use I managed to give birth to my first baby, weighing 8lbs 7oz, with nothing but a very minor graze. While I was extremely grateful at the time I didnt appreciate the rarity but every midwife and health visitor seen since has been amazed! I've told them all to recommend Aniball!! Thank you!!!

Sharni Yates

I used this as a first time mom from about 37 weeks until having my little girl at 39 weeks. I had a 45 min active labour and 3 pushes and my little girl was out as I knew exactly how to control that part of my body. I had no tears or grazes at all! I don't know whether that was due to this product or whether I'd have been lucky anyway but even if it didn't help physically, mentally knowing what 'crowning' would feel similar too and what the pushing would feel like helped me feel empowered for my birth experience I will fully recommend this to expectant moms in future!