What is Aniball?

Aniball Balloon

Your pelvic muscles and confidence are the most important factors for a smooth and natural birth.

During labour, your pelvic muscles stretch by 300%.

The maximum expansion of your muscles happens at the moment of the baby’s head passing – the muscles are triple-stretched from 3 to 10 cm.

It's clear unprepared tissue may tear.

Aniball's power lies in stretching and relaxing pelvic muscles by using uniquely shaped and thoroughly tested balloon.

Ultimately, you get more confident and approach the birth without fear.

100% Safe and Natural

The balloon is made of body-safe, medical grade silicone manufactured in Germany. It contains no harmful chemicals.

Aniball cannot burst. It cannot cause a premature birth and it is not possible to overstretch your muscles.

It was tested in extreme conditions, including a test of 5 years old balloon and balloon stored 14 days at 140 °C.

After reaching a volume multiple times larger than needed for exercising, the balloon safely disconnected from the adapter without any damage.

You have full control over the volume of the balloon during your exercise. You can deflate it any time using the valve.

Aniball UK - Principle
Aniball in Detail

Simple Yet Sophisticated

Aniball is made of superior quality parts:

1. Inflatable medical silicone balloon
2. Mechanical pump
3. Tube
4. Connecting adapter
5. Two-way valve

Each part is thoroughly tested for safety and functionality.

Proven to Work

68% - 81%

Is a percentage of injury-free births after exercising with Aniball, based on a sample size of 800+ mums.

This means only 19% - 32% of women experienced tearing after exercising with Aniball, according to statistics.


Based on our satisfaction report, 97% of women said Aniball helped them both physically and mentally during labour.

Aniball Chart
Aniball Results by Usti
Aniball Results by Radmila Dorazil
Aniball Clinical Study

Clinical Study

An independent study confirmed Aniball is the most effective method of birth injury prevention.

315 primiparous women were questioned after their delivery on the use of various methods of birth injury prevention, including Aniball and perineal massage.

Study confirms there was a significantly higher number of women with intact perineum after the use of Aniball as well as significant reduction of episiotomies.

Data also showed that other methods such as perineal massage, raspberry-leaf tea or linseed had no real effect on injury prevention.

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Get your Aniball today and start preparing for your childbirth. £69.95 & Free Shipping.

Get your Aniball today and start preparing for your childbirth.
£69.95 & Free Shipping.