Easier Natural Birth Without Tearing, Interventions & Fear

Easier Natural Birth Without Tearing, Interventions & Fear

Trusted by over 100,000 mums, Aniball is a best-selling pelvic floor trainer that helps you to prevent tearing or episiotomy, shorten your labour and avoid incontinence.

Aniball UK - Natural Birth Without Tearing and Episiotomy


I cannot thank you enough! First time mum using Aniball and I had no stitches, had the shortest second stage possible and to top it all off my baby came out direct OP. So really should have needed some degree of stitching or intervention to help her out and thanks to Aniball I needed nothing all! I cannot recommend it enough and think every pregnant woman should be using it. Thank you so much. - Angileta, UK

Aniball UK - Natural Birth Without Tearing and Episiotomy

What is Aniball?

Childbirth can be the most exciting experience of a woman’s life. But if the anticipation of meeting your baby is coupled with concern about how your labour will go, you are not alone.

Did you know that 9 out of 10 women experience tearing during labour and first time mums are at risk of severe perineal tears? (Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists)

Aniball is an approved pelvic floor trainer for home use. It was designed by medical experts to help you with a smooth and natural childbirth.

PREVENT INJURY: Aniball greatly reduces the risk of tearing and helps you to minimize pain. Up to 81% of mums using Aniball had no tearing at all. An independent study confirmed Aniball's effectiveness.

SHORTEN YOUR BIRTH: Aniball shortens your second stage of labour and helps you avoid interventions.

AVOID INCONTINENCE: Aniball speeds up your recovery and prevents incontinence, which is a common occurence after pregnancy.

GET CONFIDENT: Prepare your mind for the labour and overcome fear. 97% of women said Aniball helped them both physically and mentally during their childbirth.

How Does Aniball Work?

Your pelvic muscles and confidence are the most important factors for a smooth and natural birth.

During labour, your pelvic muscles stretch by 300%. The maximum expansion of your perineum happens at the moment of the baby’s head passing – the muscles are triple-stretched from 3 to 10 cm.

It's clear unprepared tissue may tear.

Aniball's power lies in training your muscles by using precisely shaped and thoroughly tested balloon.

By training with Aniball, you prepare and strengthen your pelvic muscles and learn how to control them, breathe, and push.

Aniball - Happy Mother After Pregnancy

Your training consists of set of pelvic floor exercises carefully designed by medical and birthing experts.

Gently insert the balloon, inflate it to a comfortable size and exercise for 10-15 minutes per day.

You learn correct techniques and birthing positions and prepare yourself for the passage of the baby.

Ultimately, you get more confident and approach the birth without fear.

Using the Aniball after birth regenerates your pelvic muscles, which reduces the possibility of incontinence later on.

SAFE TO USE: Aniball can't stretch you permanently. It is created with body-safe, medical grade silicone made in Germany.

RECOMMENDED: Aniball is recommended by doctors and midwives across Europe.

CERTIFIED: Aniball is a registered medical aid and bears a CE marking. It has been thoroughly tested under relevant European directives.

Is There a Proof Aniball Works?

Since 2014, Aniball has been used by over 100,000 mums around the world.

It is approved and recommended by doctors and midwives.

Aniball is the #1 best-selling birth trainer in the UK and on Amazon.

Let's see what satisfied mums, medical experts, statistics and clinical research say about Aniball.


Mother, United Kingdom

I cannot thank you enough! First time mum using Aniball and I had no stitches, had the shortest second stage possible and to top it all off my baby came out direct OP. So really should have needed some degree of stitching or intervention to help her out and thanks to Aniball I needed nothing all! I cannot recommend it highly enough and think every woman should be using Aniball. Thank you so much.

Mother, United Kingdom

I had a very unpleasant experience with my first labour which caused me a lot of pain in the weeks that followed. With my second little girl on the way, I tried Aniball. I practiced for 3 weeks and it was a fantastic and complication-free experience. No tearing at all. I was able to enjoy my daughter and take care of her immediately.

Mother, France

My experience with Aniball is unambiguously positive. After many negative experiences with the birth of my first daughter (3200/51cm) I wanted to try anything to make my childbirth easier, and we succeeded by using Aniball. I regularly practiced with the Aniball 4 weeks before term and it paid off. I gave birth to a son measuring 3800/54cm, without needing incisions, the help of a doctor or stitching. The doctor, who watched it all from a distance, couldn’t believe it. It was really a miracle and I will remember this birth for the rest of my life.

Monika Ziman
Gynecologist, Czechia

The exercise with the Aniball balloon and the massaging of the perineum should be part of the preparation for each woman’s natural birth. From my personal experience: as a primipara, I knew which position during childbirth would be most suitable for me, I knew the feeling of when the child’s head was crowning and how to push; and I gave birth naturally without the least injury. I was preparing myself for 30 cm and my son’s head circumference was 34.5 cm. Aniball is effective and safe.

Mother, Germany

I can only recommend Aniball, it is a great preparatory aid for childbirth. My daughter was 4.2 kg with a head circumference of 37 cm. The birth did not require an episiotomy. The recovery period after birth went smoothly and exactly one week later I was able to ride a horse. I dare to say that giving birth for the first time with such a large baby, I would not have made it without an injury had I not exercised with Aniball.

Barbora Voros
Midwife and Nurse, Slovakia

Aniball is easy to use and more effective than a perineum massage. For me, the biggest child born after Aniball use was 4650 g and 54 cm, with the childbirth lasting 3 hours, without any tearing or needing an episiotomy. Most women who use Aniball gain self-confidence for the labor. They know how to push, decreasing their fear and stress whilst reducing the risk of perineal tearing or the need for an episiotomy. I recommend Aniball to everyone because of its very reasonable price and excellent results.

Mother, Netherlands

I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. This was my first pregnancy and because of my fear of tearing I started with Aniball. The delivery was absolutely smooth. It was literally two presses and I was told that there was no damage at all. As if I had not given birth at all. I felt excellent. I benefited greatly from exercising with Aniball and it reduced my fear of tearing. The training helped me prepare mentally for the birth, which was also nice.

Jana Curdova
Midwife and Mother, Czechia

I see Aniball as a useful aid to understanding your body. It helps a woman discover how her body works during childbirth and what kind of sensations she will feel in the final labor stages.

Mother, New Zealand

When I had the balloon in my hands I was a little doubtful about the results and the possible assistance in childbirth preparation. But I saw a certain logic in it and what is practiced really works. I knew that if a balloon with the diameter of a newborn’s head “passed” through me, my daughter would come out without problems. The actual delivery was quite fast, uncomplicated, without medication and, most important of all, without any consequences! No cutting or small tears. A natural childbirth.

Marian Kollar
Gynecologist, Slovakia

Aniball is a great tool that helps women prepare their body for delivery. Women who have used it are much better prepared for birth – both in mental and physical terms. They know how to work with their muscles in the final stage of delivery. From my experience, I can confirm that there is a lower risk of injuries or requiring an episiotomy. In addition to this, women who used Aniball are much more active after giving birth than other new mothers at our clinic. Aniball is also helpful in the postpartum stage to strengthen muscles in the pelvic floor.

Mother, Switzerland

Thanks to Aniball, my childbirth was a beautiful and fearless experience. I exercised every second day from 36th week and the effect was unbelievable. I was apparently one of the shortest second stages in our medical centre. Both doctor and my midwife were really surprised how smooth it was. I also want to emphasize the psychological effect of the balloon which helped me a lot to be confident.

68% - 81%

Percentage of injury-free births after exercising with Aniball (800+ mums).


97% of women said Aniball helped them both physically and mentally during their childbirth.

Aniball UK - Reviews and Statistics
Aniball UK - Reviews and Statistics

An independent clinical study (Bohata, Dostalek, 2016) confirmed Aniball is the most effective method of injury prevention.

The study was done on 315 primiparous women and found there was a significantly higher number of women with intact perineum as well as significant reduction of episiotomies after the use of Aniball.

Data also showed that other methods such as perineal massage, raspberry-leaf tea or linseed had no real effect on injury prevention.

The conclusive result shown significant benefit of exercising with Aniball prior to birth.

Aniball UK - Reviews and Clinical Study

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"I cannot recommend it highly enough and think every woman should be using Aniball. Thank you so much!" - Angileta, Mum from the UK

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"I cannot recommend it highly enough and think every woman should be using Aniball. Thank you so much!" - Angileta, Mum from the UK

Prevent tearing and episiotomy
Minimize pain and fear
Shorten your childbirth
Avoid incontinence
Speed up you recovery

Recommended by doctors
Safe to use and certified
Used by 100,000+ mums

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CAN Aniball Stretch Me PERMANENTLY?

No, Aniball can't stretch you permanently. It actually helps to keep your muscles healthy and elastic.

During childbirth, your pelvic muscles stretch by approximately 300%. The maximum expansion of your muscles happens at the moment of the baby’s head passing – the muscles are triple-stretched from 3 to 10 cm. Untrained muscle tissue may tear.

Exercising with Aniball does not only prevent tearing during labour, but also prevents the routine of cutting the muscles, which happens in the course of episiotomy.


No, it cannot. Gynecologists agree that exercising with Aniball cannot cause a premature birth nor contractions.

Can Aniball cause an amniotic fluid leak?

No, it cannot. Exercising with the balloon during a healthy pregnancy does not cause the fluid to leak. The amniotic sac is protected by a suppository that protects the membranes and does not collapse until just before delivery. The outflow of amniotic fluid can occur at any time and the reasons may vary. It is most often caused by infections or it occurs during a full moon or a change in pressure.


No, It cannot. Aniball has been thoroughly tested under relevant European directives on medical devices. The balloon is created with medical grade silicone manufactured in Germany. However, please remember to only use water-based lubricants and check your balloon before every use. Do not apply oil-based lubricants since they could damage balloon’s surface.


The goal of the exercise is to achieve about 28-30 cm circumference of the balloon in about 3-4 weeks of regular exercise, which corresponds to a newborn’s average cranial circumference at birth.


You can start exercising after the completed 36th week of your pregnancy. Exercise for 10 to 15 minutes daily. You can also practice more often, the only limitation being pain or sensitivity.

Can I start practicing just 14 days before birth?

Yes, definitely. Even two weeks can make a big difference, especially if you practice twice each day (morning and evening).

Does Aniball help with incontinence?

Yes. Using Aniball after childbirth regenerates the muscles in your pelvic area and thus reduces leakage that occurs after birth.

Are there any urine leaks during exercise?

During the exercise, there may be a slight leakage of urine due to the pressure of the balloon on a full bladder. This is a minimal amount and should not cause concern or dissuade you from exercising with Aniball. After the completion of the exercise, no more urine should leak.

When is Aniball not recommended for use?

Do not use Aniball during a high-risk pregnancy, when there is a risk of preterm delivery, during any bleeding, when a caesarean section is planned, when there is a current outbreak of warts or other infectious pathology in your genitalia, when there is a case of genital herpes, genitalia injury, precancerous condition and other pathologies of the cervix. If any problem occurs during exercise, please consult with your midwife or doctor.

When is it necessary to take extra care?

Taking special care after consulting with your doctor is necessary in the case of a low-placed placenta (inquire with your gynecologist), in the case of the reduced sensitivity of genitalia (neurological diseases, use of painkillers), after treatment of genitalia fragility, after genital surgery (scars may not allow sufficient flexibility of the genitalia) and in the case of lichen sclerosus of external genitalia (chronic skin disease). If any problems occur while exercising, consult with your midwife or doctor.

What if I have varicose veins?

Regarding varicose veins on the genitals it is particularly important not to cut anything at birth. If you don’t have a contraindication for natural delivery (nothing prevents natural birth and the head can be born even through genitals with varicose veins), then you can exercise with the balloon. Of course, it is always necessary to carefully assess your particular situation and consult with a medical professional. We strongly recommend a cautious approach, enough lubricant, and to slowly and gradually squeeze out the balloon.

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