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For instructions, check our video on how to use Aniball correctly.

No, Aniball can’t stretch you permanently. It actually helps to keep your vagina healthy and elastic.

During childbirth, your pelvic muscles stretch by approximately 300%. The maximum expansion of your muscles happens at the moment of the baby’s head passing – the muscles are triple-stretched from 3 to 10 cm. Untrained muscle tissue may tear.

Exercising with Aniball does not only prevent tearing during labour, but also prevents the routine of cutting the muscles, which happens in the course of episiotomy.

No, it cannot. Gynecologists agree that exercising with Aniball cannot cause a premature birth nor contractions.

No, It cannot. Aniball has been thoroughly tested under relevant European directives on medical devices.

It was tested in extreme conditions, including a test of 5 years old balloon and balloon stored 14 days at 140 °C.

After reaching a volume multiple times larger than needed for exercising, the balloon safely disconnected from the adapter without any damage.

The balloon is created with medical grade silicone manufactured in Germany. However, please remember to only use water-based lubricants and check your balloon before every use. Do not apply oil-based lubricants since they could damage balloon’s surface.

No, it cannot. Exercising with the balloon during a healthy pregnancy does not cause the fluid to leak. The amniotic sac is protected by a suppository that protects the membranes and does not collapse until just before delivery. The outflow of amniotic fluid can occur at any time and the reasons may vary. It is most often caused by infections or it occurs during a full moon or a change in pressure.

The goal of the exercise is to achieve about 28-30 cm circumference of the balloon in about 3-4 weeks of regular exercise, which corresponds to a newborn’s average cranial circumference at birth.

You can start exercising after the completed 36th week of your pregnancy. Exercise for 10 to 15 minutes daily. You can also practice more often, the only limitation being pain or sensitivity.

Yes, definitely. Even two weeks can make a big difference, especially if you practice twice each day (morning and evening).

Yes. Using Aniball after childbirth regenerates the muscles in your pelvic area and thus reduces leakage that occurs after birth.

During the exercise, there may be a slight leakage of urine due to the pressure of the balloon on a full bladder. This is a minimal amount and should not cause concern or dissuade you from exercising with Aniball. After the completion of the exercise, no more urine should leak.

Very rarely there may be a slight blood leak. It is not dangerous if you’re healthy and it stops after the exercise. The leak is usually caused by the maturing cervix. These blood leaks are similar to leaks that may occur during a routine medical examination.

In case you have some specific conditions, we recommend consulting with your doctor first, as written in the manual. You can also check when Aniball is not recommended to use or when you should take extra care in questions below.

Do not use Aniball during a high-risk pregnancy, when there is a risk of preterm delivery, during any vagina bleeding, when a caesarean section is planned, when there is a current outbreak of warts or other infectious pathology in the vagina or in the vagina opening, when there is a case of genital herpes, genitalia injury, precancerous condition and other pathologies of the cervix. If any problem occurs during exercise, please consult with your midwife or doctor.

Taking special care after consulting with your doctor is necessary in the case of varicose veins in the vagina and external genitalia, in the case of a low-placed placenta (inquire with your gynecologist), in the case of the reduced sensitivity of vagina (neurological diseases, use of painkillers), after treatment of vaginitis (briefly persistent vagina fragility), after genital surgery (scars may not allow sufficient flexibility of the genitalia) and in the case of lichen sclerosus of external genitalia (chronic skin disease). If any problems occur while exercising, consult with your midwife or doctor.

Regarding varicose veins on the genitals it is particularly important not to cut anything at birth. If you don’t have a contraindication for natural delivery (nothing prevents natural birth and the head can be born even through genitals with varicose veins), then you can exercise with the balloon. Of course, it is always necessary to carefully assess your particular situation and consult with a medical professional. We strongly recommend a cautious approach, enough lubricant, and to slowly and gradually squeeze out the balloon.

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Buy Your Aniball Now

Get your Aniball today and start preparing for your childbirth.

Only £59.95.